Unit V: Advanced Queries in Database – Database Management System

BCA 4th Semester DBMS (Database Management System) Notes Pdf, Advanced Queries in Database – Database Management System

Advanced Queries in Database – Database Management System

In this unit named Advanced Queries in Database – Database Management System” readers and viewers will get information regarding the following topics:

  1. Introduction To SQL (Structured Query Language)
  2. SQL Syntax, SQL Statement
  3. SQL Data Types
  4. MySQL Data Types, SQL Server Data Types, Oracle Data Types
  5. SQL Operators
  6. SQL Arithmetic Operators, SQL Comparison Operators, SQL Logical Operators
  7. SQL Commands
  8. Data Definition Language (DDL) Command
  9. Create, Drop And Truncate, Alter (Add, Drop, Modify), Comment, Rename
  10. Data Manipulation Language (DML) Commands
  11. SQL Select, SQL Insert Into, SQL Update, SQL Delete
  12. Some Keyword Used With SQL Select
  13. SQL Select Distinct, SQL Select Count, SQL Select Top, SQL Select Random, SQL Select As, SQL Select Null, SQL Order By Clause
  14. Some SQL Clauses Used With DML Commands
  15. SQL Where, SQL Between And & Not Between And, SQL In, Not In Clause, SQL Like & Wildcard Clause, SQL Group By Clause, SQL Having Clause
  16. Data Control Language (DCL) Commands
  17. Grant, Revoke
  18. Transaction Control Language (TCL) Commands
  19. Commit Command, Rollback Command, Savepoint Command
  20. More Features And Tricks With SQL Select
  21. SQL Join
  22. SQL Inner Join, SQL Left Join, SQL Right Join, SQL Full Join, SQL Cross Join,
  23. SQL Set Operations
  24. Union Operation, Union All Operation, Intersect Operation, Minus (Except) Operation
  25. SQL Subqueries
  26. SQL Functions
  27. Aggregate Functions
  28. Avg() Function, Count() Function, First() Function, Last() Function, Max() Function, Min() Function, Sum() Function
  29. Scalar Functions
  30. Ucase() Function, Lcase() Function, Mid() Function, Round() Function

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