This course contains informative reading to improve reading skills, exercises to help improve listening skills, effective writing exercises to develop useful techniques in writing and realistic creative writing to give an opportunity to express oneself. The course aims to develop the overall skills in the use of the English language. Especially it aims to:

  • Revise and consolidate on what the students have already learned in their +2 or higher secondary course;
  • Develop and extend their knowledge further;
  • Develop their reading, listening, and writing skills;
  • Orient them towards creative writing;
  • Polish student's “problem areas” of English grammar;
  • Develop their vocabulary skills; and
  • Develop the knowledge and practice of functional language needed in different situations.

The method of teaching should be student-centered and activity-oriented. Extensive use of audio-visuals and workbooks should be made.

BCA 1st Semester Cambridge Advanced English (English I) Complete Notes Pdf

In this “Cambridge Advanced English (English I)” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Desert Island 
  2. Around the world 
  3. That’s show business!
  4. Food and drink
  5. Crossing the Channel 
  6. Buildings and homes
  7. Put it in writing
  8. The third age
  9. It takes all sorts ... communication
  10. The English - speaking world
  11. Travelers
  12. Love Stories
  13. On business
  14. Here is the news 

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