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Contact Us

BCA Notes (Pokhara University) is a site created solely for educational purposes. We shall give educational materials to the scholars for the betterment of grades and knowledge.

We believe that knowledge and experience are the 2 major factors that make a responsible person for the betterment of society. Our aim is to make a digital platform for both the teachers and students to boost their creativity and systematic knowledge.

We are constantly working to urge and provide students with information that may motivate both teachers and students to use electronic devices and internet for studying purposes. We believe building an education system which will benefit individuals for the development of the state as an entire.

For any queries, you will be able to always contact BCA Notes (Pokhara University). We attempt to come back to our users as soon as possible, but due to the high volume of emails, we would not reply as quickly as you expect.

Please give us a minimum of 24 to 48 hours before resending your email. Be sure, you will get a reply, after we thereon, we really appreciate your support for this site and that we hope for your continued support.

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You can also use the contact form which is on the homepage at the footer to clear your doubt and post relevant queries. You can also connect with us through post comments.