The Visual Basic programming language makes it easier to build computer programs in a methodical and organized way. You will learn programming skills with examples that highlight several key elements in this Visual Basic Programming Complete BCA Notes Pdf. Each assertion in an example is carefully examined one at a time.

By pointing and clicking with the mouse, a programmer may design graphical user interfaces (GUIs) using visual basic programming. The necessity for the programmer to write code to build the form, control all of the form's characteristics, position the form on the screen, create and place a label on the form, alter the foreground and background colors, etc. is eliminated by visual programming. The project comes with all of the code. To write functional Windows programs, a programmer does not necessarily need to be an expert Windows programmer. The GUI is created by the programmer, who also provides the code to explain what occurs when the user interacts with the GUI (by clicking, pressing a key, double-clicking, etc.).

Event-driven programming is the process of writing the code that reacts to these occurrences. With event-driven applications, the user, not the programmer, determines the sequence of operations. The user "drives" the software as opposed to the program "driving" the user. Computer use becomes considerably more user-friendly when the user is in charge. Consider a web browser as an illustration. The web browser may or may not automatically lead a page when it is launched. The browser "sits there" once it has loaded, doing nothing further. The browser will continuously remain in this event monitoring state, which involves listening for occurrences. After the user clicks a button, the browser takes some action, but as soon as it is finished, it switches back to the event monitoring state. User behavior, therefore, controls browser activity.

Visual Basic Programming (DOT NET) Complete BCA Notes PDF

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