Unit VII: Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) – Java Programming

BCA 5th Semester Java Programming Notes Pdf, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) – Java Programming

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) – Java Programming

In this unit named Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) – Java Programming” readers and viewers will get information regarding the following topics:

  1. Database Connectivity (JDBC)
  2. ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)
  3. JDBC Components
  5. JDBC Driver Manager
  6. JDBC Test Suite
  7. JDBC-ODBC Bridge
  8. Types of JDBC Drivers
  9. JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver (Type 1)
  10. Native-API (Type-2) Driver
  11. Network-Protocol (Type 3) Driver
  12. Native Protocol (Type 4) Driver
  13. Writing JDBC Application
  14. Types of Statement Objects
  15. Statement
  16. PreparedStatements
  17. CallableStatement
  18. ResultSet
  19. Types of ResultSet
  20. CRUD Operations in Database
  21. JDBC and AWT
  22. Connection Pooling

We are very grateful to Madan Raj Pandy Sir, who is a lecturer at Dhangadi Engineering College for this article "Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) – Java Programming"

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