Simulation can be defined as the process of designing a model of a real system and conducting an experiment with these models of system and, or evaluating various strategies for the operation of the system. Thus, it is important that the model we design in such a way, model behavior mimics the behavior of a real system.

System Simulation - Simulation and Modeling

In this “System Simulation - Simulation and Modeling” you will learn about following topics:

  1. Introduction to Simulation
  2. When To Use Simulation?
  3. Advantages of Using Simulation
  4. Disadvantages of Using Simulation
  5. The Technique of Simulation – Monte Carlo Method
  6. Important Characteristics of the Monte Carlo Method
  7. Advantages of the Monte Carlo Method
  8. Disadvantages of the Monte Carlo Method
  9. Flow Diagram of the Monte Carlo Method
  10. Problem Depicting Monte Carlo Method
  11. Comparison of Simulation and Analytical Method
  12. Difference between Simulation and Analytic
  13. Experimental Nature of Simulation
  14. Types of System Simulation
  15. Distributed Lag Model
  16. Cobweb Model
  17. Assumptions of Cobweb theory
  18. Cobweb Theory and Price Divergence
  19. Cobweb Theory and Price Convergence
  20. Limitations of Cobweb theory
  21. Steps of Simulation Study
  22. Time Advancement Mechanism
  23. Queuing Models and its Characteristics
  24. Characteristics of the Queuing System
  25. Measuring the Performance Of The System
  26. Single Server Queuing System

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