The network layer is concerned with getting packets from the source all the way to the destination with minimal coast. Unlike the Data Link Layer, which has the more modest goal of just moving frames from one end of a wire to the other. Network Layer is the lowest layer that deals with end-to-end transmission.

Network Layer and Internet Layer - Data Communication and Computer Network

In this “Network Layer and Internet Layer - Data Communication and Computer Network” you will learn about following topics:

  1. Introduction of Network Layer and Internet Layer
  2. Network Layer Design Issues
  3. Store-and-Forward Packet Switching
  4. Services Provided To the Transport Layer
  5. Implementation of Connectionless Service
  6. Implementation of Connection-Oriented Service
  7. Comparison of Virtual-Circuit and Datagram Subnets
  8. Introduction of Routing Algorithms
  9. Shortest Path Routing Algorithm
  10. Flow-Based Routing
  11. Distance Vector Routing
  12. Network Devices
  13. Congestion Control
  14. Causing of Congestion
  15. How to Correct the Congestion Problem?
  16. Open Loop Congestion Control
  17. Closed Loop Congestion Control
  18. Congestion Control Algorithms
  19. Leaky Bucket Algorithm
  20. Token Bucket Algorithm

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