W3C is designed to reach the full potential of the Web and to make it accessible to all users from all over the world. Also, another aim for W3C was to make standards to maintain the growth of the Web in a single direction rather than splitting into competing groups.

Web Essentials: Clients, Servers, and Communication - Web Technologies II

In this “Web Essentials: Clients, Servers, and Communication - Web Technologies II” you will learn about following topics:

  1. Review of Web Technologies I
  2. Markup Languages
  3. Hypertext
  4. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  5. HTML Major Versions
  6. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  7. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  8. Web Design Programs
  9. Dynamic Web Content
  10. JavaScript
  11. Worldwide Web Consortium
  12. Basic Internet Protocols
  13. HTTP - Overview
  14. Basic Features of HTTP
  15. Basic Architecture of HTTP
  16. HTTP - Messages
  17. HTTP Requests Message
  18. Examples of Request Message
  19. HTTP Responses Message
  20. Examples of Response Message
  21. Different Architectures of Connection
  22. Client-Server Architecture
  23. Peer-to-Peer Architecture
  24. Difference between Client-Server and Peer To Peer Architecture
  25. Differentiate between Client Side and Server Side Scripting Language

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