Differentiation is the process of determining the derivative, or rate of change, of a function in mathematics. Algebraic procedures can be used to follow the practical differentiation approach. It contains several essential theorems and equations for performing function differentiation.

One of the fundamental ideas in calculus mathematics is the derivative of a function. The derivative, together with the integral, has a prominent position in calculus. Differentiation is the process of determining the derivative.

Differentiation allows us to calculate change rates. For example, it enables us to calculate the acceleration by determining the rate of change in velocity with respect to time. It also enables us to calculate the rate of change of variable x in relation to variable y. The gradient of the curve is the graph of y versus x. There are a number of basic principles that may be utilized to quickly distinguish between various functions.

Concepts of Differentiation - Mathematics I

In this “Concepts of Differentiation - Mathematics I” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Concepts of Differentiation
  2. Techniques of Differentiation
  3. Derivative of Algebraic, Exponential, Logarithmic & Simple Trigonometric Functions
  4. Higher-Order Derivative
  5. Application of Derivative
  6. Increasing & Decreasing Function
  7. Maxima & Minima of a Function of One Variable
  8. Concavity of the Function
  9. Inflection Point
  10. Average Cost & Marginal Cost
  11. Average Revenue & Marginal Revenue
  12. Profit Maximization under Perfect Competition
  13. Profit Maximization under Monopoly

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