A collection of flip-flops and combinational gates are coupled to generate a feedback route in a timed sequential circuit. The circuit becomes a purely combinational circuit without the flip-flops, therefore they are crucial (provided that there is no feedback among the gates). Even without combinational gates, a flip-flop circuit is still regarded as sequential. Flip-flop circuits are often categorized by the task they do rather than by the name of the sequential circuit. Register and counter circuits are two examples.

A register is a collection of flip-flops, each of which can store one bit of data. A collection of 'n' flip-flops that can store 'n' bits of binary data make up an n-bit register. A register may also have combinational gates, which carry out certain data-processing operations, in addition to flip-flops. A register, in the widest sense, is a collection of flip-flops and the gates that control them. The gates control how the binary information is transported into the register, while the flip-flops store the binary data.

In essence, a counter is a register that cycles through a set pattern of binary states. The counter's gates are interconnected in a way that results in the expected progression of states. Despite being a unique kind of register, counters are frequently distinguished by having a separate name.

Registers and Counters - Digital Logic System

In this “Registers and Counters - Digital Logic System” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Register and Counters
  2. Shift Registers:
  3. Serial In Serial Out (SISO)
  4. Serial In Parallel Out (SIPO)
  5. Parallel In Parallel Out (PIPO)
  6. Parallel In Serial Out (PISO)
  7. Ripple counters:
  8. Binary ripple counter
  9. BCD ripple counter
  10. Synchronous UP/Down counters
  11. Timing Sequences

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