Files are logical units of information created by processes, we model disk instead of RAM. Processes can read existing files and create new ones if needed. Information stored in files must be persistent that is not affected by process creation and termination.

File System Interface Management – Operating System

In this “File System Interface Management – Operating System” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. File Concept
  2. File Naming
  3. File Structure
  4. Byte Sequence, Record Sequence, Record Sequence
  5. File Type
  6. Ordinary files, Directory files, Special files
  7. File Attributes
  8. File Operations
  9. File Descriptor
  10. Directories
  11. Single-Level Directory, Two-Level Directory, Hierarchical Directory Structure, Tree-Structured Directory, Acyclic Graph Directory, General Graph Directory Structure
  12. Path Names
  13. Operations on Directory
  14. Access Method/Mechanism
  15. Sequential Access Method, Direct Access Method, Index Access Method
  16. Protection
  17. Defense Mechanism
  18. Types of Access
  19. Preventative Access Control, Deterrent Access Control, Detective Access Control, Corrective Access Control, Recovery Access Control, Compensation Access Control, Directive Access Control
  20. Access Control List (ACL)
  21. Access Control Matrix
  22. File System Implementation
  23. Contiguous File Allocation
  24. Linked List File Allocation
  25. Linked List File Allocation with Table
  26. Indexed File Allocation (I-NODE)
  27. File Security
  28. Types of Access
  29. Access Control
  30. Other Protection Approaches
  31. Multimedia Files

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