We know that main memory (RAM) is an important resource that must be carefully managed. Nowadays size of memory is heavily increased and programs are getting faster and bigger than memory.

As memory size increases, programs also expands to fill them. Memory management deals with how operating system manage them. Once a program is loaded into memory, it remains there until it finishes.

Memory Management – Operating System

In this “Memory Management – Operating System” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Basic Memory Management
  2. Memory Hierarchy
  3. Logical Address VS Physical Address
  4. Memory Management with Swapping
  5. Memory Management with Bitmaps
  6. Memory Management with Linked List
  7. Memory Management without Swapping
  8. Mono Programming Without Swapping or Paging
  9. Multiprogramming with Fix Partition
  10. Contiguous Memory Allocation
  11. Memory Protection, Memory Allocation, Fragmentation
  12. Non-Contiguous Memory Allocation
  13. Memory Partitioning
  14. Fixed Partitioning
  15. Possibilities of Fixed Partitioning
  16. Dynamic/Variable Partitioning
  17. Memory Management Requirements
  18. Relocation, Protection, Sharing, Logical Organization, Physical Organization
  19. Coalescing and Compaction
  20. Virtual Memory
  21. Benefits of Having Virtual Memory
  22. Paging
  23. Advantages and Disadvantages of Paging
  24. Page Table
  25. Address Translation
  26. Structure of Page Table
  27. Hierarchical Paging, Hashed Page Tables, Inverted Page Tables, Shared Pages
  28. Demand Paging
  29. Advantages of Demand Paging
  30. The disadvantage of Demand Paging
  31. Page Fault
  32. Page Replacement
  33. Page Replacement Algorithm
  34. First In First Out (FIFO) Algorithm, Optimal Page Replacement (OPR) Algorithm, Least Recently Used (LRU) Algorithm, Second Chance Page (SCP) Replacement Algorithm, Page Buffering Algorithm, Least Frequently Used (LFU) Algorithm, Most Frequently Used(MFU) Algorithm
  35. Trashing
  36. Segmentation
  37. Segmentation with Paging
  38. Difference between Paging and Segmentation

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