A class is an abstract idea that represents data structure and functions. The class is the group of objects that can share common properties and established the relationship among them. In C++ the class is a new data type that contains member variables and member functions, which operate on variables.

Classes and Objects – C++ Programming

In this “Classes and Objects – C++ Programming” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Classes
  2. Creating Objects
  3. Message Passing
  4. Accessing Class Members
  5. Inside The Class Definition, Outside the Class Definition (Scope Resolution Operator)
  6. Varieties of Classes
  7. Data Manager, Data Source or Data Sink, View or Observer Class, Facilitator and Helper Class
  8. Constructor
  9. Rules of Constructor
  10. Types of Constructor
  11. Default Constructor, Parameterized Constructor, Copy Constructor
  12. Constructor Overloading
  13. Destructor
  14. Rules of Destructor
  15. Memory Recovery
  16. The mechanism for Creation and Initialization
  17. Static Data Member
  18. Static Member Functions
  19. Inline Function
  20. Friend Function
  21. Features of Friend Function
  22. Friend Class

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