A pointer is the most efficient way of declaring dynamic memory allocation. The pointer does not take any value directly, but it can point to some other variable indirectly. It is used to access the address or the values of another variable. The pointer used two operators they are “&” and “*”. One is the address operator (&) is used for getting the address of another normal variable similarly, the indirection operator (*) which is used for getting the value of another normal variable.

Pointer – C++ Programming

In this “Pointer – C++ Programming” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Pointer and Address
  2. The Address of Operator &, Pointer Variable
  3. Pointer and Array
  4. Pointer to Function
  5. Pointer and Strings
  6. String as Function Argument
  7. Arrays of Pointer to String
  8. Memory Management using New and Delete
  9. Pointers to Objects
  10. An Array of Pointers to Objects
  11. This Pointer
  12. Pointer to Derived Class

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