Functions, differentiation, and integration are only a few examples of calculating procedures. Integrals are used in a variety of domains, including mathematics, science, and engineering. In most cases, integral formulae are used to calculate area. So, let us begin with a quick introduction to integrals based on the Mathematics topic in order to determine areas under simple curves, areas limited by a curve and a line, and areas between two curves, as well as the application of integrals in mathematical disciplines and the solved problem.

A function whose derivative is another function is called an integral. The volume of three-dimensional objects and the area of two-dimensional regions are both computed via integration. As a result, defining the integral of a function in terms of x necessitates knowing the area of the curve in terms of the X-axis. The integral is also known as anti-derivative since it is the inverse of differentiation.

Application of Integration - Mathematics II

In this “Application of Integration - Mathematics II” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Introduction to the application of integration
  2. Rectification
  3. Quadrature
  4. The area under a curve
  5. The area between the curves
  6. Numerical Integration
  7. Rectangular rule
  8. Trapezoidal rule
  9. Simpson's rule
  10. Volume
  11. Surface Area. B.
  12. Consumer's surplus & Producer's surplus

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