Unit III: Installation of Linux - Linux

BCA 7th Semester Linux Operating System Notes Pdf, Installation of Linux - Linux

Installation of Linux - Linux

In this unit named “Installation of Linux - Linux” readers and viewers will get information regarding the following topics:

  1. Disk Partitioning
  2. Hard Drive Naming Convention
  3. Partition Tables
  4. Partitions and Partition Numbering
  5. Advantages of Disk Partitions
  6. Disadvantages of Disk Partitions
  7. Command to Manage Linux Disk Partition
  8. Installation of Linux
  9. Installation Process
  10. Troubleshooting of Installation
  11. CD-ROM Reliability
  12. Boot Configuration
  13. Software Speech Synthesis
  14. Common 32-bit PC Installation Problems
  15. Interpreting the Kernel Startup Messages
  16. Reporting Installation Problems
  17. Submitting Installation Reports

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