Security should be one of the foremost thoughts at all stages of setting up our Linux computer. To implement a good security policy on a machine requires a good knowledge of the fundamentals of Linux as well as some of the applications and protocols that are used.

Security and System Handling - Linux

In this “Security and System Handling - Linux” you will learn about following topics:

  1. Understanding Shell Scripts
  2. Executing and Debugging Shell Scripts
  3. Understanding Shell Variables
  4. Performing Arithmetic in Shell Scripts
  5. Using Programming Constructs In Shell Scripts
  6. System Start-Up and Shut Down
  7. Starting Run-Level Scripts
  8. Changing Run-Level Script Behavior
  9. Reorganizing Or Removing Run-Level Scripts
  10. Adding Run-Level Scripts
  11. Manipulating Run Levels
  12. Scheduling System Tasks
  13. Submitting Scheduled Jobs
  14. Viewing Scheduled Jobs
  15. Deleting Scheduled Jobs
  16. Using the Cron Facility
  17. Modifying Scheduled Tasks With Crontab
  18. Understanding Cron Files
  19. Backing Up and Restoring
  20. Selecting a Backup Strategy
  21. Selecting a Backup Medium
  22. Backing Up Files with dump
  23. Automating Backups with cron
  24. Restoring Backed Up Files
  25. Using Password Protection
  26. Choosing Good Passwords
  27. Using A Shadow Password File
  28. Breaking Encrypted Passwords
  29. Checking For The Shadow Password File
  30. File Security
  31. Ownership of Linux files
  32. Permissions
  33. Finding Files with Unwanted Permissions
  34. The File Mask
  35. Files Versus Directories

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