Unit IV: System Administration - Linux

BCA 7th Semester Linux Operating System Notes Pdf, System Administration - Linux

System Administration - Linux

In this unit named “System Administration - Linux” readers and viewers will get information regarding the following topics:

  1. Root Login
  2. Gaining Root Access in the Terminal
  3. Unlocking the Root Account (Ubuntu)
  4. Logging In As Root
  5. Resetting the Root or Admin Password
  6. Superuser (sudo)
  7. History of sudo
  8. Difference Between sudo and su
  9. Configuration of Hardware with Kudzu
  10. Configure Modules
  11. Finding Available Modules
  12. Finding Available Modules
  13. Loading Modules
  14. Removing Modules
  15. Checking System Space
  16. More about the df Command
  17. More about the du Command
  18. Monitoring System Performance
  19. Working with File System
  20. Working With Files and Folders
  21. Determining The Type Of A File
  22. Listing the Contents of a Directory
  23. Creating a Directory
  24. Removing an Empty Directory
  25. Removing Any Directory
  26. Creating Files
  27. Copying Files and Directories
  28. Coping a Directory
  29. Moving and Renaming Files and Directories
  30. Removing Files
  31. Absolute and Relative Path

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