Cost is the most important factor which influences the supply of commodities. Since the highest cost reduces the profits of the producer it is a very important factor to consider very seriously by the producer.

Analysis of Cost and Revenue - Applied Economics

In this “Analysis of Cost and Revenue - Applied Economics” you will learn about following topics:

  1. Nature and Types of Cost Curves
  2. Concept of Costs
  3. Types of Costs
  4. Time and Costs
  5. Short Run Period
  6. Short Run Total Costs and Curves
  7. Short Run Average Cost and Curves
  8. Short Run Marginal Cost (MC)
  9. Long Run Period
  10. Long-Run Cost Curves
  11. The relation between Average Cost and Marginal Cost Curve
  12. Nature and Type of Revenue Curve
  13. Concept of Revenue
  14. Derivation of TR, AR and MR Curve under Different Market Structure
  15. Perfect Competition
  16. Imperfect Competition (Monopoly)

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