Macroeconomic stabilization is a condition in which a complex framework for monetary and fiscal institutions and policies are established to reduce volatility and encourage welfare-enhancing growth.

Macro Stabilizing Policies - Applied Economics

In this “Macro Stabilizing Policies - Applied Economics” you will learn about following topics:

  1. Introduction of Macro Stabilizing Policies
  2. Fiscal Policy
  3. Stances of Fiscal Policy
  4. Tools of Fiscal Policy
  5. Discretionary Fiscal Policy
  6. Automatic Stabilizers
  7. Objectives of Fiscal Policy
  8. Monetary Policy
  9. Instruments of Monetary Policy
  10. Quantitative Control
  11. Qualitative Control
  12. Objectives of Monetary Policy
  13. Fiscal Policy vs Monetary Policy

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BCA 6th Semester Applied Economics Notes Pdf:

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  6. Unit VI: Factor Pricing - Applied Economics
  7. Unit VII: National Income - Applied Economics
  8. Unit VIII: Theory Of Employment - Applied Economics
  9. Unit IX: Consumption Saving And Investment Functions - Applied Economics
  10. Unit X: Business Cycle - Applied Economics
  11. Unit XI: The Mechanism Of Foreign Exchange - Applied Economics
  12. Unit XIII: Economics of Development - Applied Economics