Industrial relation is used to describe the collective relationship between the management and the workers in an organization. Industrial relation is a part of management which is concerned with the human resource of an enterprise.

Introduction to Industrial Relations - Organization Management

In this “Introduction to Industrial Relations - Organization Management” you will learn about following topics:

  1. Meaning and Nature of Industrial Relations
  2. Objectives of Industrial Relation
  3. Concept of Grievance
  4. Causes of Grievance
  5. Settlement of Grievance
  6. Open Door Policy
  7. Step Ladder Procedure
  8. Grievance Settlement Process in Nepal
  9. Trade Union
  10. Trade Union Movement in Nepal
  11. Collective Bargaining
  12. Types of Collective Bargaining
  13. Employee Discipline
  14. Benefits of Discipline
  15. Causes of Disciplinary Problem
  16. Settlement of Disciplinary Problem
  17. Employee or Occupational Health and Safety
  18. Challenges of Industrial Relation in Nepal

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