Unit II: Motivation - Organization Management

BCA 6th Semester OM (Organization Management) Notes Pdf, Motivation - Organization Management

Motivation - Organization Management

In this unit named “Motivation - Organization Management” readers and viewers will get information regarding the following topics:

  1. Concept of Motivation
  2. Features of Motivation
  3. Main Features of Motivation
  4. Need/Importance of Motivation
  5. Motivational Process
  6. Financial/Non-Financial Techniques of Motivation
  7. Theories of Motivation
  8. Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory
  9. Alderfer’s ERG Theory
  10. McClelland Theory of Learned Needs
  11. McGregor Theory X and Y
  12. Comparison between Theory X and Theory Y
  13. Contemporary Issues of Motivation in Nepalese Organization

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