Constraints are a very important feature in a relational model. In fact, the relational model supports the well-defined theory of constraints on attributes or tables.

Constraints are useful because they allow a designer to specify the semantics of data in the database. Constraints are the rules that force DBMSs to check that data satisfies the semantics.

Database Constraints and Relational Database Design – Database Management System

In this “Database Constraints and Relational Database Design – Database Management System” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Introduction of Database Constraints
  2. Types of Integrity Constraints
  3. Domain Constraints, Entity Integrity Constraints, Referential Integrity Constraints, Key Constraints or Uniqueness Constraints
  4. Relational Database Design (RDD)
  5. Relational Database Design Process
  6. Assertions
  7. Triggers
  8. Difference between Assertions and Triggers
  9. Functional Dependency
  10. Types of Functional Dependencies in DBMS
  11. Multivalued Dependency, Trivial Functional Dependency, Non Trivial Functional Dependency, Transitive Dependency
  12. Inference Rule (IR)
  13. Reflexive Rule (IR1), Augmentation Rule (IR2), Transitive Rule (IR3), Union Rule (IR4), Decomposition Rule (IR5), Pseudo transitive Rule (IR6)
  14. Normalization
  15. Types of Normal Forms
  16. First Normal Form (1NF), Second Normal Form (2NF), Third Normal Form (3NF), Boyce Codd Normal Form (BCNF), Fourth Normal Form (4NF), Fifth Normal Form (5NF)
  17. Decomposition of Relational Schemas
  18. Types of Decomposition
  19. Lossless Decomposition, Dependency Preserving

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