An object-oriented database (OODBMS) or object database management system (ODBMS) is a database that is based on object-oriented programming (OOP). The data is represented and stored in the form of objects. OODBMS are also called object databases or object-oriented database management systems.

Advanced Database Concepts – Database Management System

In this “Advanced Database Concepts – Database Management System” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Object Oriented Database Model
  2. Components of Object-Oriented Database
  3. Object Structure, Object Classes, Object Identity
  4. Advantages of Object Oriented Database
  5. Disadvantages of Object Oriented Database
  6. Popular Object Oriented Databases
  7. Object-Relational Databases Model
  8. Advantages Of Object Relational Model
  9. Disadvantages Of Object Relational Model
  10. Distributed Database
  11. Features of Distributed Database
  12. Types of Distributed Database
  13. Homogeneous Database, Heterogeneous Database
  14. Distributed Data Storage
  15. Advantages of Distributed Database
  16. Disadvantages of Distributed Database
  17. Concepts of Data Warehouse
  18. How Data Warehouse Works?
  19. Types of Data Warehouse
  20. Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), Operational Data Store, Data Mart
  21. Components Of Data Warehouse
  22. Load Manager, Warehouse Manager, Query Manager, End-User Access Tools
  23. Applications of Data Warehouse
  24. Steps to Implement Data Warehouse
  25. Advantages of Data Warehouse
  26. Disadvantages of Data Warehouse

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