Control Flow Statement allows us to regulate the flow of our program's execution. Using control structures, we can write Visual Basic code that makes decisions or that repeats actions.

The VB.NET Control Flow Statements – Visual Programming

In this “The VB.NET Control Flow Statements – Visual Programming” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Control Flow Statement
  2. Conditional/Decision Statements
  3. If…Then Statement
  4. If…Then…Else Statement
  5. If…Then…Else If…Then…Else Statement
  6. Nested If…Then…Else Statement
  7. Select Case Statement
  8. Iteration Statements
  9. Do Loop
  10. 'Do While' Loop, 'Do Until' Loop, Do Loop While, Do Loop Until
  11. For…Next Loop
  12. For Each…Next Loop
  13. While Loop
  14. With…End With Loop
  15. Nested Loops
  16. Nested For Loop, Nested While Loop, Nested Do...While Loop
  17. Jump Statements
  18. Exit Statement
  19. Continue Statement
  20. GoTo Statement
  21. InputBox and MsgBox

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