Subroutines usually perform actions and they don’t return any result. A subroutine is a block of statements that carries out a well-defined task. The block of statements is placed within a set of Sub. . .End Sub statements and can be invoked by name.

The VB.NET Procedure, Function, Exception Handling – Visual Programming

In this “The VB.NET Procedure, Function, Exception Handling – Visual Programming” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Subroutine
  2. Procedures
  3. Sub Procedure
  4. Passing Parameters by Value
  5. Passing Parameters by Reference
  6. Function
  7. Function Returning a Value
  8. By Using The Return Statement, By Assigning The Value To The Function Name
  9. Recursive Function
  10. Param Arrays
  11. Passing Arrays as Function Arguments
  12. Optional Parameter
  13. Scope
  14. Block Scope, Procedure Scope, Module Level, Namespace Scope
  15. Exception Handling
  16. Unstructured Exception Handling
  17. On Error GoTo Line, On Error Resume Next, On Error GoTo 0, On Error GoTo -1
  18. Structured Exception Handling
  19. Try, Catch, Finally, Throw
  20. Multiple Catch
  21. Throwing a Custom Exception
  22. Exception Classes in .Net Framework

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