Visual Studio is a powerful and customizable programming environment that contains all the tools we need to build programs quickly and efficiently. It offers tools that help us write and modify the code for our programs and detect and correct errors in our programs.

The VB.NET Forms and User Interface Elements – Visual Programming

In this “The VB.NET Forms and User Interface Elements – Visual Programming” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  2. IDE Contents
  3. Toolbox, Solution Explorer, Properties Windows, Code / Design view, Object Browser
  4. Form Loading Event in VB.NET
  5. Showing and Hiding Forms in VB.NET
  6. Controlling One Form within Another
  7. Creating MDI (Multiple Document Interface) Application
  8. Components of Windows Form
  9. Basic Controls
  10. Menus and Sub Menus in an Application
  11. Dialog Box
  12. VB.NET Timer Control
  13. Timer Control Properties
  14. Events of Timer Control
  15. Methods of Timer Control
  16. Difference between ListBox and ComboBox
  17. Event Driven Programming Concept
  18. Event Handling
  19. Handling Mouse Events
  20. Handling Keyboard Events

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