The graphics handling in Visual Basic.NET is based on GDI (Graphics Device Interface). A graphics device interface allows us to display graphics on a screen or a printer without having to handle the details of a specific display device.

The VB.NET Graphics and File Operations – Visual Programming

In this “The VB.NET Graphics and File Operations – Visual Programming” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Graphics Handling
  2. Drawing and Filling
  3. Drawing Methods
  4. Different Types of Graphics
  5. Creating the Graphics Object
  6. Creating a Pen
  7. Drawing a Circle
  8. Drawing a Line
  9. Creating Rectangle
  10. Drawing Square
  11. Drawing Ellipse
  12. File Handling
  13. VB.Net Input/output Classes
  14. The FileStream Class
  15. Reading from and Writing to Text Files
  16. The StreamReader Class, The StreamWriter Class
  17. Reading and Writing Binary Files
  18. The BinaryReader Class, The BinaryWriter Class

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