SAP 2 computers are designed by A. Malvino which is far more advanced than the SAP 1 computer. SAP 2 is an 8-bit computer with 64 Kb (62 Kb RAM and 2 Kb ROM) memory and a 16-bit w-bus used as both address and data bus.

SAP-2 has 2 input/output ports: port 1 and port 2. A hexadecimal keyboard encoder is connected to port 1. It allows us to enter hexadecimal instructions and data through port 1. The hexadecimal keyboard encoder sends a ready signal to bit 0 of port 2.

Simple as Possible (SAP – 2) – Microprocessors

In this “Simple as Possible (SAP – 2) – Microprocessors” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. SAP - 2 Architecture
  2. Components of SAP - 2
  3. Input Ports, Program Counter (PC), MAR and Memory, Memory Data Register (MDR), Instruction Register (IR), Controller-Sequencer, Accumulator, ALU and Flags, TMP, B & C Register, Output Ports
  4. Difference between SAP - 1 and SAP - 2 Architecture
  5. Bidirectional Registers
  6. SAP - 2 Instruction Sets
  7. Memory Reference Instructions
  8. Immediate Instructions
  9. Register Instructions
  10. Jump and Call Instructions
  11. Flags

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