The Intel 8086 microprocessor architecture is designed for two modes namely the minimum mode and the maximum mode. When only one 8086 CPU is to be used in a microcomputer system the 8086 is used in the minimum mode. In this mode, the CPU issues the control signals required by memory and input/output device. In a multiprocessor system, it operates in maximum mode, in this mode, the control signals are generated with the help of an external bus controller (8088).

Overview of Intel 8086 - Microprocessors

In this “Overview of Intel 8086 - Microprocessors” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Block Diagram of Intel 8086
  2. Pin Diagram of Intel 8086
  3. Control Signals
  4. Introduction to 8086 Microprocessor
  5. Differentiate Between 8085 Microprocessor and 8086 Microprocessor
  6. Architecture
  7. Execution Unit (EU)
  8. ID (Instruction Decoder), Control Unit, ALU, Data Group (Arithmetic Register), Pointer and Index Register, Flag Register, Conditional Flags, Control Flags
  9. Bus Interface Unit (B.I.U)
  10. Address/Data Bus, Instruction Pointer, Segment Register, Queue Register (Instruction Register)
  11. Addressing Mode
  12. Immediate Addressing Mode, Register Addressing Mode, Direct Addressing, Register Indirect Addressing Mode, Register Relative Addressing Mode, Base and Indexed Addressing Mode, Relative Based and Index Addressing Mode
  13. Addressing Mode for Input/output Ports
  14. Direct, Indirect
  15. Instruction Set
  16. Data Transfer Group, Arithmetic Instructions, Bit Manipulation Instruction, String Instructions, Iteration Control Instructions, Process Control Instructions, Interrupt Instructions
  17. Assembly Language Programming in 8086 Microprocessor

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