The data structure's priority queue is an extension of the "regular" queue. It's a generic data type that holds a collection of objects. It's similar to a "regular" queue, only the dequeuing parts are prioritized. The priority order removes the items with the highest priority from the queue first.

It's an abstract data type that allows you to keep track of your dataset. The “normal” queue follows the first-in-first-out arrangement. It dequeues elements in the same sequence as when the insertion operation was performed.

Priority Queues – Data Structure and Algorithms

In this “Priority Queues – Data Structure and Algorithms” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Introduction of Priority Queue
  2. Characteristics of a Priority Queue
  3. Types of Priority Queue
  4. Ascending Order Priority Queue, Descending Order Priority Queue
  5. Representation of Priority Queue
  6. Applications of Priority Queue
  7. Implementation of Priority Queue
  8. Binary Heap
  9. Types of Heap
  10. Max Heap, Min Heap
  11. D-ary Heap or D-Heap
  12. Leftist Heap or Leftist Tree
  13. Bias, S-value, Merging Height Biased Leftist Trees
  14. Initializing A Height Biased Leftist Tree
  15. Skew Heaps
  16. Operations in Skew Heaps
  17. Merging Two Heaps, Adding Values, Removing Values
  18. Binomial Queues
  19. Properties of Binomial Queue
  20. Operations in Binomial Queue
  21. Merge, Insertion, DeleteMin

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