A tree data structure is made up of nodes, which are objects or entities that are joined together to represent or simulate hierarchy. Because it does not store data in sequential order, a tree data structure is a non-linear data structure. Because the pieces in a Tree are grouped at numerous levels, it is a hierarchical structure.

Trees Data Structure – Data Structure and Algorithms

In this “Trees Data Structure – Data Structure and Algorithms” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Preliminaries of Tree Data Structure
  2. Properties of Tree Data Structure
  3. Tree Traversal
  4. Inorder Traversal, Preorder Traversal, Postorder Traversal
  5. Types of Tree Data Structure
  6. Binary Tree
  7. Properties of Binary Tree
  8. Types of Binary Tree
  9. Full/ Proper/ Strict Binary Tree, Complete Binary Tree, Perfect Binary Tree, Degenerate Binary Tree, Balanced Binary Tree
  10. Binary Tree Implementation
  11. Example of Binary Tree
  12. Binary Search Tree (BST)
  13. Operations on Binary Search Tree
  14. Searching, Insertion, Deletion
  15. AVL Tree
  16. Operations on AVL Tree
  17. Insertion in AVL Tree
  18. LL Rotation, RR Rotation, LR Rotation, RL Rotation
  19. Deletion in AVL Tree
  20. R0 Rotation (Node B Has Balance Factor 0), R1 Rotation (Node B Has Balance Factor 1), R-1 Rotation (Node B Has Balance Factor -1)
  21. Example of AVL Tree
  22. Splay Tree
  23. Rotations in Splay Tree
  24. Cases for the Rotations
  25. Types of Rotations
  26. Zig Rotations, Zig Zig Rotations, Zig Zag Rotations, Zag Zig Rotation
  27. Insertion Operation in Splay Tree
  28. Deletion in Splay Tree
  29. B Tree
  30. Operations in B Tree
  31. Searching in B Tree, Insertion in B Tree, Deletion in B Tree
  32. B+ Tree
  33. B Tree V/S B+ Tree
  34. Operations in B+ Tree
  35. Insertion in B+ Tree, Deletion in B+ Tree

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