Sorting is the process of arranging data in a preferred order in a data structure. Sorting data makes it easier to swiftly and simply search through it. A dictionary is the most basic example of sorting. When we used to look up a term in a dictionary before the Internet, we would do it in alphabetical order. This made things a lot easier.

Sorting Techniques or Algorithms – Data Structure and Algorithms

In this “Sorting Techniques or Algorithms – Data Structure and Algorithms” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Preliminaries in Sorting Algorithms
  2. Introduction of Sorting Algorithms
  3. Important Terminology
  4. Increasing Order, Decreasing Order, Non-Increasing Order, Non-Decreasing Order, In-place Sorting and Not-in-place Sorting, Stable and Not Stable Sorting, Adaptive and Non-Adaptive Sorting Algorithm
  5. Types of Sorting Algorithms
  6. Insertion Sort
  7. Complexity of Insertion Sort, How Insertion Sort Works? Example of Insertion Sort, Implementation of Insertion Sort
  8. Shell Sort
  9. Interval Calculation in Shell Sort, Complexity of Shell Sort, How Shell Sort Works? Example of Shell Sort, Implementation of Shell Sort
  10. Heap Sort
  11. Complexity of Heap Sort, How Heap Sort Works? Example of Heap Sort, Implementation of Heap Sort
  12. Merge Sort
  13. Complexity of Merge Sort, How Merge Sort Works? Example of Merge Sort, Implementation of Merge Sort
  14. Quick Sort
  15. Complexity of Quick Sort, How Quick Sort Works? Example of Quick Sort, Implementation of Quick Sort
  16. Bucket Sort
  17. Complexity of Bucket Sort, How Bucket Sort Works? Example of Bucket Sort, Implementation of Bucket Sort
  18. Bubble Sort
  19. Complexity of Bubble Sort, How Bubble Sort Works? Example of Bubble Sort, Implementation of Bubble Sort
  20. Lower Bounds for Sorting Algorithms
  21. External Sorting
  22. Algorithm for External Sorting, Example of External Sorting Algorithm, Implementation of External Sorting

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