Most of the business letters are written in direct order. Direct order is advised for good and neutral (neither good nor bad) messages. Direct order saves the readers time and presents the message quickly and concisely. Direct order needs little or no explanation or persuasion (brief) to get action. We may use the direct order if our reader's mental filter will not oppose our message.

Business Correspondence – Business and Technical Communication

In this “Business Correspondence – Business and Technical Communication” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Situation Requiring Directness
  2. Direct Inquires (Direct Inquiries Letters), Inquiries about People, Favorable Responses, Adjustment Grants, Order Acknowledgment, Claim Letters, Personnel Evaluation
  3. Indirect Situation
  4. Refused Request, Adjustment Refusals, Vague and Back Order, Credit Refusals
  5. Persuasive Request
  6. Collections Letter
  7. Mild letters, Middle letters, Last Resort Letters

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