Memorandums are short, urgent, informal messages circulated within an organization to meet the internal operational goal. In this sense, memos are fine examples of internal operational communication. Traditionally memos are written in two standard sizes and formats. Generally, the sizes of memo pads are 5" x 1.5" and 8.5" x 11". Most memos are informal memos. Memos written by the subordinates to the senior or executive people tend to be formal.

Technical Writing Skills – Business and Technical Communication

In this “Technical Writing Skills – Business and Technical Communication” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Preparation of Short Memoranda
  2. Direct Inquiry Memos, Direct Response Memos, Policy Memorandum, Indirect Memorandum
  3. Job Application and Bio-data
  4. Job Application Letter, Curriculum Vitae
  5. Description Writing (Process, Mechanism, and Place etc.)
  6. Seminar Papers
  7. Basic Features of a Seminar Paper, Create A Good Working Title, Cover Your Target Points, Know Your Audience, Time Your Seminar Effectively, Find A Good Location, Anticipate Questions
  8. Preparation of Reports (Short, Long, Memo-Reports)
  9. Sample Short Report
  10. Proposal Writing
  11. Preliminary Steps
  12. The Sponsor’s Program Officer (PO), Your Department Research Administrator, Your Chair/Dean
  13. Grant Proposal
  14. Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Project Narrative, Personnel, Budget, Timeframe
  15. Guidelines for Technical Proposals
  16. What Makes A Good Technical Proposal?
  17. Required Format
  18. Title Page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Background, Objectives: the “What?” Approach: the “How?” Project Management: “How and When?”  Deliverables, Budget: “How Much?” Team Qualifications: the “Who?”
  19. Research Proposal
  20. Title, Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Results, Discussion, Common Mistakes in Proposal Writing
  21. Project Proposals
  22. Guidelines for Writing a Project Proposal, Format of Project Proposals
  23. Conducting Meetings
  24. Technique for Conducting Meeting, Techniques for Participating In the Meeting
  25. Documentation
  26. APA Format of Citation

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