Adaptation is a process of fitting the symbols to specific receivers. In other words, adaptation means receiving and understanding the meaning as intended by the sender. So, symbols of communication should fit receivers' minds as meanings are in the receivers' mental filter. Good communication should adapt to the receiver's filter.

Fundamentals of Business Writing – Business and Technical Communication

In this “Fundamentals of Business Writing – Business and Technical Communication” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Adaptation and Selection of Words
  2. Principle/Role/Importance of Adaptation
  3. Identify the Audience, Determine the Size of the Audience, Analyze the Audience’ Reaction, Determine the Audience’s Level of Understanding, Analyze the Audience’s Needs, Satisfy Audience’s Information Need, Be sure about the Reader’s Need, Be Accurate in Served Message, Make Important Points Stand Out, Satisfy Audience’s Motivational Needs, Appeal to the Audience’s Emotional Need, Satisfy Audience‘s Practical Needs, Be Brief
  4. Suggestions for Selecting Words
  5. Use Familiar Words, Choose Short Over Long Words, Use Technical Words or Jargons With Caution, Use Strong and Vigorous Words, Use The Concrete Words, Favor Active Over Passive Verbs, Avoid Overuse of Camouflaged Verbs, Avoid Sexiest Words
  6. Suggestions for Non Discriminatory Writing
  7. Construction of Clear Sentences
  8. Limit The Sentences Content, Economizing Words, Maintain Unity in Sentences, Determining Emphasis On Sentence Design, Giving Clarity Through Sound Grammatical Construction
  9. Construction of Clear Paragraphs
  10. Features of a Good Paragraph
  11. Unity, Coherence (logic), Topic Sentence, Thesis Sentences

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