An accountant's working paper is called a worksheet. It provides the details of accounting work and modifications so that they can be checked for arithmetical accuracy before financial statements are prepared. Extended trial balance is another name for it, and this concept is widely used in British accounting literature.

A worksheet is a columnar sheet of paper used in the accounting cycle to make modifying and closing entries, as well as compiling financial statements, easier. It's a working paper that aids the accountant in compiling all of the ledger account balances and adjustment data into a single schedule.

Accounting Worksheet – Financial Accounting I

In this “Accounting Worksheet – Financial Accounting I” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Concept of Accounting Worksheet
  2. Types of Accounting Worksheet
  3. The General Worksheet, The Detailed Worksheet, Audit Worksheet
  4. 8 Steps of Preparing Accounting Worksheet
  5. Name Of Business Organization And Preparation Date
  6. Drawing Column And Mentioning The Head Of The Column
  7. Unadjusted Trial Balance
  8. Adjustment Column
  9. Adjusted Trial Balance Column
  10. Income Statement Column
  11. Retained Earnings Statement
  12. Balance Sheet
  13. Recording Of Adjustment Entries
  14. How To Prepare Financial Statements From A Worksheet?

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