A program is a set of instructions that accepts input, processes them, and produces an output, or redirects it to another program. A program may be a complete structure or it may be a part of another program, whose collection is also referred to as software. Program development is an individual activity in which a programmer writes a program or component that is used for combining with other programs.

Extension professional fellows use a systematic process called program development to plan, implement, and evaluate their programs. A computer program, as we all know, is a collection of computer characters, symbols, and instructions. A program, also known as a driver and operator for a computer system, is a set of instructions that tells the computer how to run. The program aids in the operation of the computer system in the manner that we wish.

Program Development and Software Development – Programming Logic and Techniques

In this “Program Development and Software Development – Programming Logic and Techniques” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Program Development
  2. Program Development Life Cycle
  3. Problem Identifications
  4. Problem Analysis/ Requirements Analysis
  5. Program Design
  6. The General Design, The Detailed Design
  7. Program Coding
  8. Data Validation
  9. Types of Data Validation
  10. Field Level Validation, Form Level Validation, Data Saving Validation, Search Criteria Validation
  11. Program Testing and Debugging
  12. Alpha Testing (Teamwork), Beta Testing (Demo/Trial)
  13. Difference between Testing and Debugging
  14. Program Delivery/ Implementation/ Evaluation
  15. Program Maintenance
  16. Documentation
  17. Programming Tools
  18. Algorithms
  19. Advantages of Algorithms, Disadvantages of Algorithms
  20. Flowchart
  21. Advantages of flowcharts, Disadvantages of a flowchart, Symbols Used In Flowcharts, Example of Flowchart to Calculate Even Number
  22. Pseudocode
  23. Example, Advantages of Pseudocode, Disadvantages of Pseudocode
  24. Decision Table
  25. Advantages of Decision Table, Disadvantages of Decision Table
  26. Decision Tree

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