A program's user needs change with time. They are always changing in reaction to new regulations, new ideas, new goods, and new computing facilities, among other things. Correcting coding and design problems, updating documentation and test data, and enhancing user support are just a few of the actions that go under program maintenance. In other terms, maintenance may be thought of as enhancement, as it involves adding, altering, or building code to meet changes in the standards.

Modifications to a program system after its first release are referred to as program maintenance or software maintenance. It's the process of upgrading, changing, or correcting the system's applications. It is a crucial program development activity that consumes a substantial amount of a computer data processing company's resources.

Program Maintenance – Programming Logic and Techniques

In this “Program Maintenance – Programming Logic and Techniques” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Program Maintenance
  2. Why Program Maintenance?
  3. Types of Program Maintenance
  4. Corrective Maintenance, Adaptive Maintenance, Perfective Maintenance, Emergency Maintenance
  5. Problem Area of Program Maintenance
  6. Major Problem Areas of Program Maintenance
  7. Cost Issues in Program Maintenance
  8. Impact of Software Errors
  9. The problem of Software Modification
  10. Time Schedule, User-Need Satisfaction
  11. Program Documentation
  12. Documentation Standard
  13. Process Standard, Product Standard, Interchange Standard
  14. Benefits of the Good Documentation
  15. Requirement of Documentation
  16. Importance of Documentation
  17. Types of Documentation
  18. Requirements Documentation, Architecture/Design Documentation, Technical Documentation, End-User Documentation, Marketing Documentation
  19. Program Specification
  20. Introduction, System Requirement, Major Application, Uses of Specification, Features of Program Specification, Classification of Specification Styles
  21. System Flowchart
  22. Basic Symbols Used In Drawing a Flowchart
  23. Data Flow Diagram
  24. Basic Element of Data Flow Diagram
  25. Example of Data Flow Diagram
  26. Leveling the Data Flow Diagram

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