A standalone system is a type of system that does not have any dependencies or is not connected to any other system. A standalone program is a computer program that does not load any external module, library function, or any other files. It does not require a database, a network connection for the operation and is only dependent on the local computer resources.

The concept of standalone system and standalone programming is not widely used nowadays. Some examples of standalone systems are Notepad, Paint, Calculator, WordPad, etc. Some examples of standalone systems are Washing machines, microwaves, Vacuum Cleaner, etc.

Standalone and Client Server Programming Concept – Programming Logic and Techniques

In this “Standalone and Client-Server Programming Concept – Programming Logic and Techniques” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Standalone Programming Concept
  2. Advantages of Standalone Programs
  3. Disadvantages of Standalone Program
  4. Introduction to Client-Server Programming
  5. Advantages of Client-Server Programming
  6. Disadvantages of Client-Server Programming
  7. Distinguish between Standalone and Client-Server Programming
  8. Client-Server Programming Architecture
  9. The 2-Tier Architecture
  10. The 3-Tier Architecture
  11. Advantages of 3-Tier Client-Server Architecture
  12. Disadvantages of 3-Tier Client-Server Architecture
  13. Difference between 2-Tier and 3-Tier Architecture
  14. Web-Based Programming
  15. Advantages of Web-Based Programming
  16. Disadvantages of Web-based Programming
  17. Web-Based System and Programming
  18. Web-Based Programming Languages
  19. Platform Independent System
  20. Binary Platform Independence
  21. Source Platform Independence
  22. Advantages of Platform Independent System

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