The illumination model, also known as the Shading model or Lightning model, is used to calculate the intensity of light that is reflected at a given point on the surface. There are three factors on which the lightning effect depends on.

Illumination and Rendering – Computer Graphics and Multimedia Technology

In this “Illumination and Rendering – Computer Graphics and Multimedia Technology” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Illumination Models in Computer Graphics
  2. Types of Illumination Models
  3. Ambient Illumination, Diffuse Reflection, Specular Reflection
  4. Rendering in Computer Graphics
  5. Types of Rendering in Computer Graphics
  6. Real-Time Rendering, Pre-Rendering
  7. Techniques for Computing Rendering
  8. Rasterization and Scanline, Ray Casting, Ray Tracing, Radiosity
  9. Rendering Method
  10. Hidden Line Rendering
  11. Ray Tracing Rendering
  12. Shaded Rendering
  13. Wireframe Rendering
  14. Polygon Rendering Methods
  15. Constant Intensity Shading
  16. Gouraud Shading
  17. Phong Shading
  18. Fast Phong Shading
  19. Introduction to OpenGL
  20. Application of OpenGL

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