Multimedia is media and content that uses a combination of different content forms. Multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactivity content forms.

Multimedia is usually recorded and played, displayed or accessed by information content processing devices, such as computerized and electronic devices, but can also be part of a live performance.

Introduction to Multimedia – Computer Graphics and Multimedia Technology

In this “Introduction to Multimedia – Computer Graphics and Multimedia Technology” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Definition of Multimedia
  2. Application of Multimedia
  3. Creative Industries, Entertainment and Fine Arts, Education, Engineering, Industry, Mathematical and Scientific Research, Medicine, Document Imaging
  4. Multimedia Team
  5. Project Manager,
  6. Multimedia Designer
  7. Interface Designer
  8. Writer
  9. Video Specialist
  10. Audio Specialist
  11. Multimedia Programmer
  12. The Sum of Parts

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