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Multimedia Building Blocks – Computer Graphics and Multimedia Technology

In this “Multimedia Building Blocks – Computer Graphics and Multimedia Technology” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Text in Multimedia
  2. Typefaces and Fonts
  3. Design Issues in Multimedia
  4. Bitmap Text/Font, TrueType, Postscript ATM, The Jaggies, Fontographer, FontMonger, Font Chameleon
  5. Symbols and Icons in Multimedia
  6. Animating Text and 3D Effects, Motion Graphics (Logo), Tapestry, ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange), The Extended Character Set, UNICODE
  7. Sound and Music in Multimedia
  8. The Power of Sound
  9. Multimedia System Sounds
  10. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
  11. Digital Audio
  12. MIDI v/s Digital Audio, Choosing between MIDI and Digital Audio
  13. Red Book Standard
  14. Space Considerations
  15. Color Theory in Multimedia
  16. Electromagnetic Spectrum, Additive Color (RGB), Subtractive Color (CMYK), Color Models (RGB, HSB, BSL, CIE, YUV), Perception of Color
  17. Graphics and Imaging in Multimedia
  18. Color Depth and File Size
  19. 1-Bit Images, 8-Bit Gray Level Images, 24-Bit Color Images, 8-Bit Color Images
  20. Palette Management
  21. Importing Graphics
  22. How to Import a Background Graphic into the Layout?
  23. Painting and Drawing, Photoshop and Illustrator, Skimming and Scanning, PhotoCD, Digital Photography, Still Image, Screen Capture
  24. Animation in Multimedia
  25. The Power of Motion
  26. Principles of Animation
  27. Types of Animation
  28. 2D Animation, 21/2D Animation, 3D Animation
  29. Animation Techniques
  30. Cel Animation, Kinematics, Morphing
  31. Animation File Formats
  32. Video in Multimedia
  33. Broadcast Video Standards
  34. Analog Video Standards
  35. NTSC (National Television Standards Committee), PAL (Phase Alternate Line), SECAM (Sequential Color and Memory)
  36. Digital Display Standards
  37. Advanced Television System Committee (ATSC), Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), Integrated System Digital Broadcasting (ISDB), ATSC DTV, High Definition Television (HDTV)
  38. Integrating Computer and Television
  39. Video Formats
  40. Compression Movie Files
  41. Optimizing Video Files

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