System Requirements specify the property and quality that an information system should have. System requirements that specify what the information system must do is referred to as functional requirement, while non-functional requirements specify the property and quality of the system.

Fact Finding Techniques for Requirements Discovery – System Analysis and Design

In this “Fact-Finding Techniques for Requirements Discovery – System Analysis and Design” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. An Introduction to Requirements Discovery
  2. The Process of Requirement Discovery
  3. Problem Discovery and Analysis
  4. Requirements Discovery
  5. Documenting and Analyzing Requirements
  6. Documenting The Draft Requirements, Analyzing The Requirements, Formalizing Requirements
  7. Requirements Management
  8. Requirement Fact-Finding Techniques
  9. Sampling of Existing Documentation, Forms, and Files
  10. Research and Site Visits
  11. Observation of Work Environment
  12. Questionnaires
  13. Types of Questionnaires
  14. Free Format Questionnaires, Fixed Format Questionnaires
  15. Interviews
  16. Types of Interviews
  17. Unstructured Interview, Structured Interview
  18. How to Conduct an Interview
  19. Guidelines for the Interviewer
  20. Discovery Prototyping
  21. Joint Requirements Planning
  22. A Fact-Finding Strategy

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