A project is a temporary sequence of unique, complex, and connected activities that have one goal or purpose and that must be completed within a specific time, within budget, and according to the specification.

Project management is the process of scoping, planning, staffing, organizing, directing, and controlling the development of an acceptable system at the minimum cost and within a specified time.

Project Management – System Analysis and Design

In this “Project Management – System Analysis and Design” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Project Management
  2. What is Project Management?
  3. The Causes of Failed Projects
  4. Project Management Body of Knowledge
  5. Project Manager Competencies
  6. Business Achievement Competencies, Problem Solving Competencies, Influence Competencies, People Management Competencies, Self- Management Competencies
  7. Project Management Functions
  8. Project Management Tools and Techniques
  9. PERT Chart (Project Evaluation and Review Technique), Gantt chart
  10. The Project Management Life Cycle
  11. Negotiate Scope
  12. Identify Tasks
  13. Estimate Task Durations
  14. Specify Inter-task Dependencies
  15. Assign Resources
  16. Direct the Team Effort
  17. Monitor and Control Progress
  18. Assess Project Results and Experiences

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