System Model plays a vital role in system development and system analyst has to deal with a variety of unstructured problems. The only solution to structure those problems is to create models. A model is a pictorial representation of reality.

Process Modeling - System Analysis and Design

In this “Process Modeling - System Analysis and Design” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. An introduction to Process Modeling
  2. Logical Models, Physical Models
  3. System Concepts for Process Modeling
  4. External Agents
  5. Data Stores
  6. Process Concepts
  7. A System Is A Process, Process Decomposition, Logical Processes and Conventions, Data Flows, Data In Motion, Logical Data Flows and Conventions, Data Flow Conservation, Data Structures, Domains, Divergent and Convergent Flows
  8. The Process of Logical Process Modeling
  9. Strategic System Planning
  10. Process Modeling For Business Process Redesign
  11. Process Modeling During System Analysis
  12. Context Data Flow Diagram, Functional Decomposition Diagram, Event Response Or Use Case List, Event Handler, Event Diagrams, System Diagrams Using Event Diagrams, Primitive Diagrams
  13. Process Modeling During System Design
  14. Fact-Finding And Information Gathering For Process Modeling
  15. Computer Aided System Engineering (CASE) For Process Modeling
  16. How to Construct Process Models?
  17. The Context Data Flow Diagram, The Functional Decomposition Diagram, The Event Response Or Use Case List, Event Decomposition Diagrams, Event Diagrams, The System Diagram, Primitive Diagrams, Completing The Specification
  18. Synchronization of System Models
  19. Data and Process Model Synchronization, Process Distribution

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