A function is a self-contained program segment or sub-program that performs some well-defined task. The C program consists of one or more functions. The execution of each function begins as a sequence of function call appears in the main () function. If a program contains only one function then it is known as the main () function.

Functions – C Programming

In this “Functions – C Programming” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Function in C Programming
  2. Advantages of Function
  3. Types of Functions
  4. Library/Built-In Function, Main () Function, User Defined Function
  5. Difference between Library Function and User-Defined Function
  6. Function Declaration/Prototyping, Function Call, Function Definition/Function Body
  7. Function Parameters (or Arguments)
  8. Classification/Categories of User Defined Function
  9. Function With No Arguments and No Return Value, Function with No Arguments and Return Value, Function with Arguments and No Return Value, Function With Arguments and Return Value
  10. Different Types of Function Calls
  11. Pass Arguments by Value, Pass Arguments by Address or Reference for Pointer
  12. Recursive Function
  13. Difference between Recursive and Iteration
  14. Concept of Local, Global, Static and Register Variables
  15. Difference between Local, Global and Static Variables
  16. Preprocessor Directives
  17. Some Features of Preprocessor Directives
  18. Preprocessor Directives Are Divided Into Three Categories
  19. File Inclusion Directive, Macro Substitution Directive, Conditional Inclusion
  20. Library Functions
  21. Header Files
  22. Macros in C Programming
  23. Types of Macros
  24. Object-like Macros, Chain Macros, Function-like Macro

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