In C, looping statements repeat the series of statements until the specified condition is no longer true. A loop in C is made up of two parts: the loop body and the control statement. The control statement is a set of conditions that tells the loop's body to keep running until the provided condition is false. The C loop's goal is to repeat the same code several times.

Loops and Decision Statements – C Programming

In this “Loops and Decision Statements – C Programming” you will learn about the following topics:

  1. Introduction of Loops in C Programming
  2. For Loop
  3. Syntax of For Loop, Flowchart of For Loop, Example of For Loop
  4. While Loop
  5. Syntax of While Loop, Flowchart of While Loop, Example of While Loop
  6. Do-While Loop
  7. Syntax of Do-While Loop, Flowchart of Do-While Loop, Example of Do-While Loop
  8. Nested Loops
  9. Decision Making In C Programming
  10. If ( ) Statement
  11. Syntax of If ( ) Statement, Flowchart of If ( ) Statement, Example of If ( ) Statement
  12. If ( ) Else Statement
  13. Syntax of If ( ) Else Statement, Flowchart of If ( ) Else Statement, Example of If ( ) Else Statement
  14. Ladder If ( ) Else Statement
  15. Syntax of Ladder If ( ) Else Statement, Flowchart of Ladder If ( ) Else Statement, Example of Ladder If ( ) Else Statement
  16. Nested If ( ) Else Statement
  17. Syntax of Nested If ( ) Else Statement, Flowchart of Nested If ( ) Else Statement, Example of Nested If ( ) Else Statement
  18. Switch Statement
  19. Syntax of Switch Statement, Flowchart of Switch Statement, Example of Switch Statement
  20. Break Statement
  21. Syntax of Break Statement, Flowchart of Break Statement, Example of Break Statement
  22. Continue Statement
  23. Syntax of Continue Statement, Flowchart of Continue Statement, Example of Continue Statement
  24. GoTo Statement
  25. Syntax of GoTo Statement, Example of GoTo Statement

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