Computer arithmetic is a field of computer science that investigates how computers should represent numbers and perform operations on them. It includes integer arithmetic, fixed-point arithmetic, and floating-point (FP) arithmetic.

Computer Arithmetic - Computer Architecture

In this “Computer Arithmetic - Computer Architecture” you will learn about following topics:

  1. Data Representation
  2. Provision for Decimal Position
  3. Provision for Sign Representation
  4. Integer Arithmetic
  5. Unsigned Binary Multiplication Algorithm
  6. Signed Binary Multiplication (Booth’s) Algorithms
  7. Unsigned Binary Division Algorithm
  8. Representation of Fractions
  9. Fixed Point Representation
  10. Floating Point Representation
  11. Floating-Point Arithmetic
  12. BCD Arithmetic Unit
  13. BCD Adder
  14. Pipelining
  15. Arithmetic Pipelining

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