Input-Output operations are accomplished through a wide range of external devices that provide a means of exchanging data between the external environment and the computer. An external device is attached to the computer by a link to the input/output module.

Input Output Organization - Computer Architecture

In this “Input Output Organization - Computer Architecture” you will learn about following topics:

  1. External Devices
  2. Input-Output Module Structure
  3. Input-Output Data Transfer Techniques
  4. Programmed Input-Output
  5. Interrupt Driven Input Output
  6. Direct Memory Access (DMA)
  7. Input-Output Channels and Processor
  8. External Interfaces
  9. Examples of External Interfaces

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BCA 5th Semester CA (Computer Architecture) Notes Pdf:

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  2. Unit II: Register Transfer And Micro Operations - Computer Architecture
  3. Unit III: Central Processing Unit (CPU) - Computer Architecture
  4. Unit IV: Computer Arithmetic - Computer Architecture
  5. Unit V: Control Unit (CU) - Computer Architecture
  6. Unit VI: Memory Organization - Computer Architecture
  7. Unit VIII: Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) - Computer Architecture
  8. Unit IX: Introduction To Parallel Processing - Computer Architecture
  9. Unit X: Multicore Computers - Computer Architecture